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Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett
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Social enterprise pioneers new divorce support panel
Date:8 AUG 2014
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Community Interest Company, OnlyMums and Only Dads has just launched a pioneering service for families going through separation or divorce called  The Family Law Panel.

The Panel is made up of Resolution accredited family law experts all over the country and provides cutting-edge collaborative support to families looking for advice during family breakdown. The Panel efficiently connects parents with local solicitors in towns and cities in England and Wales.

Family law experts who wish to join The Panel submit a request to sign up through the Company’s website. The request is then considered, and chosen firms are then invited to come on board. Bob Grieg, Co-Founder of Only Mums and Only Dads is passionate about meaningful, professional support during family breakdown:

'Since the launch of OnlyMums and OnlyDads in 2007 we have had parents looking to us with help in family law matters. A growing reputation for our non-confrontational approach and active social media campaigns means that we are now reaching many thousands of divorcing parents a year. Using our Panel to offer a full and free “diagnostic” conversation helps parents by outlining their options. Parents come to us often fraught, confused and believing they are in some way stuck, or ‘bound to lose’. We find that Resolution family lawyers are invaluable in a number of ways: their experience, their objectivity and their knowledge of the law can provide the key to unlocking a closed door.'
Norman Hartnell of the Family Law Company states:

‘... It is a great privilege to be part of this ground breaking co-operation between parents and lawyers in the form of the leading parent group, OnlyDads & Only Mums teaming up with members of Resolution First for Family Law, all of whom have at their heart a determination to resolve family problems, accord mutual respect to all parents and place the interests of children at the centre of their approaches. The offer of a free interview with specialist family firms across the country will go some way to filling the access to justice void left by the withdrawal of legal aid for many family matters.’

Whilst there are different routes for sorting out matters relating to family breakdown, collaborating with Resolution members from firms who live by their code means that together we are offering many thousands of parents the benefits of top-notch professional input into their particular situation.

The Family Law Panel are proud to be the official sponsors of Support Service of the Year for the 2014 Family Law Awards.

Further information on joining The Family Law Panel can be found on The Panel’s website.

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