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Sharland v Sharland – in a nutshell

Date:14 OCT 2015

Sharland (Appellant) v Sharland (Respondent) [2015] UKSC 60

Lord Neuberger (President) Lady Hale (Deputy President) Lord Clarke Lord Wilson Lord Sumption Lord Reed Lord Hodge

In a nutshell

The Supreme Court held that a husband’s fraud should lead to the setting aside of a consent order. The matter was returned to the Family Division for further directions.


The parties were married in 1993 and separated in 2010 and had three children together. In financial relief proceedings the husband and wife were in dispute about the husband's shareholding in a company. The experts did not agree as to its value but they proceeded upon the assumption that no initial public offering (IPO) was imminent or under consideration.

The husband maintained both before and in evidence during the final hearing that no IPO was imminent or likely in the near future. After both the husband and the wife had given evidence at the final hearing the parties...

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