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Sharland and Gohil: A few F words - Fraud, Floodgates, Full and Frank, Finality…

Date:20 OCT 2015
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Senior Associate Solicitor
I returned from a short holiday abroad on the afternoon of Thursday 15th October. I had promised I would write this piece many weeks earlier and pursuant to that proverbial law I learned shortly before I left that the judgments in Sharland and Gohil were due to be handed down on Wednesday 14th. I confess that despite sitting on a beach in 27˚C of sunshine I was disappointed not to have been at work to experience the media headlines the outpouring of legal community opinion and in particular the elation of my colleagues and their clients. Two Supreme Court judgments on matrimonial finance matters – it doesn’t happen every day.

I read the judgments online (on the beach). A victory for Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil. In my own opinion and having had the privilege of attending the Supreme Court to observe some of the hearing the right result. How has it been received? I scanned...

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