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Shared parental leave: still not quite shared

Date:21 MAR 2018
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Shared parental leave is the mechanism by which parents are able to share the ‘maternity leave’ following the birth of their baby. It was introduced by the Government in 2015 to encourage either or both parents being able to care for their new born in that crucial first year.

Not so popular

Latest figures released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy suggest that approximately only 2% of couples who have been eligible to share parental leave have applied to use the right.

Due to the disappointing take up of the leave, the Government has launched a £1.5m campaign to raise awareness and encourage the use of ‘shared’ parenting. The plan is for a digital advertising drive and saturate social media as well as a bespoke website which provides further information and guidance. The latest drive has been further incentivised by the long-standing belief that flexibility in the workplace means a happier workforce, who in turn work harder.

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