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Separating couples find support in Divorce Diaries

Date:5 APR 2016
Earlier in the year, Family Law in Partnership (FLIP) launched a new initiative aimed at supporting divorcing couples. Divorce Diaries is a comprehensive website containing real life accounts of separation from people who have undergone the breakdown of a relationship, and the truthful recounts of their experiences during the divorce process.

Since its launch on 14 January 2016, Divorce Diaries has thus far collated 26 ‘entries’, all from former FLIP clients who, under fictitious names, have shared their stories of separation in the hope of providing support for others who find themselves in a similarly difficult and distressing situation. Each entry is laid out under sub-headings posed as questions, all answered by each contributor with their own unique insight into separation and divorce.

The site features various family types and many differing circumstances: from men with teenage/adult children, to women with no children, and several other options in between. Each entry is tagged with keywords which link to related stories and ‘viewpoints’, so the reader is able to gain insight into lots of other peoples’ experiences without feeling as though they are prying; the open and honest nature of each entry encourages empathy and support between reader and author whilst maintaining anonymity.

The website also includes a list of top tips for those experiencing the divorce process themselves, as well as a collection of other online sources which can give further help and advice relating to divorce and separation to those seeking it.

Anyone interested in sharing their own separation story on Divorce Diaries can email hello@divorcediaries.co.uk. More information on FLIP and their work can be found on their website.