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Separating couples: Tackling the tensions of still living together

Date:28 JAN 2021
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We are living in strange and challenging times. Covid-19 has drastically changed our role and place within our family at home and work. We have had to alter our habits and how we use our home and other spaces. Stress conflict uncertainty and feeling unsettled may be the consequences of such changes which can in turn be the last straw for a marriage. 

The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through. The added prospect of having to self-isolate with a former partner during lockdown is likely to be particularly challenging. The lockdown has increased the pressure on couples living together especially those whose relationship has run its course. It is hard to find a way to release the tension as traditional couples’ counselling or simply taking a break from each other is not an option. Moreover arguments between parents may harm children especially when everyone is under the same roof all day every day. However there are options available to separating couples who need extra help to avoid...

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