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Separated: Can I take my child on holiday abroad?

Date:16 JUN 2017
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Sarah McCarthy Chartered Legal Executive
Hill Dickinson LLP 

The school summer holiday period is almost upon us. For family lawyers this can be a busy time of year as often issues arise for separated parents when they mention to the other the prospect of taking their children on holiday be it in England and Wales or abroad.

International Movement of Children deals with both lawful movement and abduction of children into and out of the UK.

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Many parents are unaware that it is a criminal offence to take their child out of England and Wales without the permission of every person who has parental responsibility for the child unless permission of the Family Court has been granted.

However if a Child Arrangements Order (formerly known as a Residence Order) has been made by the Family Court stating that a child is to live with a particular parent then that parent may take their child out of England and Wales for up to 4 weeks at...

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