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Sandra Davis' Week: Family Justice under the microscope

Date:2 JUL 2010

Family Justice under the microscope

Sandra Davis

So it has begun. The long trailed Family Law Review was announced on Wednesday with a "call for evidence" launched by the Review Panel. This is the first stage in a process which it is hoped will lead to the publication of recommendations next year. The Panel's remit is a wide one with views being sought on how to have a more user-friendly and child-focused system; the best methods of resolving family disputes including ADR; and how the system is to be governed managed and funded.

Whilst the review is welcome one wonders what will be the likely landscape that the Family Law Review Panel will report on in 12 months time.

Public and private law proceedings are on the increase and significantly so. In the third quarter of 2009 there were 6 500 applications for care orders. In the same period 35 600 private law applications were issued....

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