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Sandra Davis' Week: Unnecessary Cafcass delays

Date:12 MAY 2010


Sandra DavisEarlier this week one of my clients received judgment on his wife's application to relocate overseas with their children.  The case was hard fought the issues complex and there were a large number of witnesses including five expert witnesses.

The hearing was due to have taken place last November. It had to be adjourned because despite assurances given by Cafcass to a High Court judge last summer Cafcass were unable to allocate the case to a reporter in time.

When the hearing was relisted the judge personally called Cafcass and in her words "begged" for an experienced reporter to be appointed. In the event the case was allocated to and the report written by an undergraduate on a work placement scheme with Cafcass. The reporter's most telling evidence to the court was that he had no experience whatsoever of interviewing children. 

The judge found that she was unable to...

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