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Samantha Bangham’s Week in Cases 25 October 2013

Date:25 OCT 2013
Law Reporter

Samantha Bangham - Family Law Reporter This week has taken me outside the world of family law for a dip into my voluntary work with Pets As Therapy. Regular readers will be aware that my Chihuahua Louis and I visit the Bristol Children’s Hospital to provide a bit of light relief to its residents. This week we met with a clinical psychologist who is researching the effects of pet therapy on adolescent young people. All of the initial indications seem to be very positive as to both the physical and emotional advantages offered by pet therapy. The findings of the study will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Qualitative Research Journal and I will keep you updated of the outcome.

Meanwhile another thrilling week in the world of family law has passed us by! The first case of note is a Court of Appeal judgment following on from Re B-S [2013] EWCA Civ 1146. In two joined appeals Re W (Adoption Order: Leave...

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