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Samantha Bangham’s Week in Cases 1 November 2013

Date:1 NOV 2013
Law Reporter

Samantha Bangham - Family Law Reporter Another week has just flown by (or is it just because I am getting started on drafting this at the beginning of the week?)! Yet more family cases to feast your eyes on.

To begin I have a financial remedies decision from the Court of Appeal - Matthews v Matthews [2013] 2 FLR forthcoming in which the wife appealed a determination not to award her a nominal spousal maintenance award. The husband and wife were only married for a short period but had two young children. In financial proceedings the wife was awarded three of the four matrimonial properties and a small lump sum payment in addition the husband was required to pay child maintenance. The wife further submitted that in the event that she would not be able to increase her earning capacity to the level prior to her redundancy she should be awarded nominal spousal support so that it remained open to her to seek...

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