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Safeguarding, privacy and respect for children and young people and the ‘next steps’ in media access to family courts

Date:10 OCT 2014
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Dr Julia Brophy  Principal Researcher – Family Justice

Proposals to extend further the rights of media access in children and family cases remain problematic. Further evidence from young people (2014) arrived on the agenda at the same time as Trinity Mirror has paid damages averaging just under £21 000 each to settle six phone-hacking claims from well-known individuals. Nearly 50 more compensation cases are outstanding and Trinity Mirror is understood to have set aside just under £10m to cover the costs of these claims. It is the first significant admission of phone hacking by a newspaper group outside the Murdoch group; and it is described as significant because it is said to confirm that the practice of phone hacking was widespread in parts of the British newspaper industry. The lawyer representing the successful claimants is quoted as saying: 'There are many more people who will now be able to make claims against the Mirror Group titles in...

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