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Louisa Gothard
Louisa Gothard
Senior Solicitor, Head of Family Law
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S v S [2014] EWHC 4732 (Fam)
Date:17 MAR 2015
Law Reporter
(Family Division, Bodey J, 15 December 2014)

 Financial remedies - Pre-acquired assets - Whether period of cohabitation to be included in period of marriage - Sharing or needs case
Please see attached file below for the full judgment.

 The wife was awarded £5.6m out of total assets of £25m after the court had taken into account the husband's pre-acquired wealth prior to the 9 year marriage. 
  Neutral Citation Number: 2014 EWHC 4732 (Fam)
 Case No. FD13D02074


 The Royal Courts of Justice
 The Strand

 Date: 15th December 2014




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 MR SOUTHGATE QC AND MR CALHAEM appeared on behalf of the Applicant
 MS BANGAY QC AND MR SEAR appeared on behalf of the Respondent



 S v S [2014] EWHC 4732 (Fam)