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Kara Swift
Kara Swift
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Rules for All

Date:1 SEP 2006

A consultation document Family Procedure Rules - a new procedural code for family proceedings (CP 19/06) was published in August 2006. Produced by Her Majesty's Courts Service (HMCA), part of the Department for Constitutional Affairs, the paper seeks views on the policy behind the new Family Procedure Rules which will comprise a single unified code of practice and procedure along the lines of the existing Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). The intention is to modernise the current language, and where possible align the procedures between different levels of court and harmonise the rules for family proceedings with the CPR. The consultation sets out four key objectives: modernisation of language, harmonisation with the CPR, a single unified code of practice and alignment in all levels of court. Responses are due by 1 December 2006. Copies of the consultation paper are obtainable from Clive Buckley, Her Majestys Courts Service Civil Law and Justice Division, 5.15 Selborne House, 54-60 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QW, tel: 020 7210 1497, fax: 020 7201 8825, email: clive.buckley@hmcourts-service.gsi.gov.uk. The consultation paper is also available on-line at http://www.dca.gov.uk/index.htm.