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Kara Swift
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Resolution response to FLBA/Bar Council Letter

Date:20 JUL 2015
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Resolution, and our partners in the family law community, have been holding detailed conversations with the Bar for some time regarding family advocacy work in the post-LASPO landscape.

It is therefore disappointing that the FLBA and the Bar Council have felt it necessary to ask the Minister to commission an independent review. We have not seen any evidence to support the need for this; and indeed, anecdotal reports from our respective members, including barristers and leading judges, do not demonstrate that the concerns expressed in this letter are widespread (and in many areas, they do not exist at all).

Resolution, together with our partners, are of the view that any quality issues are best addressed by the profession through training and accreditation for the Bar and solicitors. We wish to continue to work with the FLBA and the Bar Council to this end, as we have offered throughout.

At a time of significant challenge for legal aid practitioners, another review of the support they provide to vulnerable people is neither warranted nor helpful.

Resolution is currently working with our partners to provide a full response to the Bar’s letter to the Minister.

The FLBA and Bar Council letter is available to read here.

Resolution's response to the Minister is available to read here.
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