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Researching Reform: Why children will matter in 2016

Date:27 JAN 2016
Child welfare as an area of policy has never been regarded as a political priority and whilst children should always matter regardless of time or place this has not always been the case in world history - or British politics.

Now sustained campaigning by charities and reformers over the last decade has pushed child well-being to the top of the government's agenda and it is set to stay there for 2016.

In a bold move which sets the tone for this year current Children's Commissioner for England and Wales Anne Longfield OBE has called on the government to create a Cabinet Minister for children in order to amplify the voice of the child at the highest level and ensure that their needs are properly addressed.

The move highlights a shift in thinking on children's rights and the realisation that child matters are enmeshed in every area of politics.

The relationship between children and government has in the past resembled that of an arm's length parent with little interest in their child's success but the ties run deep. How we...

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