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Researching Reform: People and policies to watch in 2015 - which of our predictions came true?

Date:5 FEB 2016
In January last year Researching Reform made some predictions about areas of child welfare we felt would make an impact in 2015. From daring pilot schemes to fee charging McKenzie Friends to the nation's inquiry into child sexual abuse our predictions were broad. So what did happen in 2015 and how many of our predictions came true?

Imported from America by award-winning judge Nicholas Crichton The Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) a pioneering scheme which helps parents beat addiction and keeps families together was our project to watch last year. We predicted that mounting pressure from senior members of the Family Court the hugely cost-effective aspect of the pilot and the proven results of this kind of work would encourage the government to offer FDAC across the country. We are passionate advocates of this scheme so we were delighted that a month after our article was published the Department for Education confirmed that FDAC would be rolled out nationwide. With funding of £2.5 million FDAC has now been able to

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