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Report from the Family Law Review of the Centre for Social Justice: 'Every Family Matters'

Date:19 AUG 2009

David Hodson Solicitor and Mediator

There is much to be proud of our English family law and family justice system. It has many benefits and advantages and has been much copied abroad. However in the face of a substantial relationship breakdown culture across the country and with significant Parliamentary neglect over almost 40 years the time has now come for a wholesale overhaul of English family law to support our families and strengthen marriage.

The importance of the family cannot be overstated. A child's physical emotional and psychological development occurs within the family environment. It is where the vast majority of us learn the fundamental skills for life. It is a building block of society. However family stability in the UK has been in decline for decades. The emotional and personal cost to individuals is high. The direct cost to government employment housing crime health and other ways is very high. The indirect costs are colossal and are calculated conservatively at £24 billion with other research stating a staggering £37 billion. The culture of relationship breakdown...

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