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Relocation and Abduction Event

Date:12 MAY 2017
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The Aire Centre is holding a two day evening seminar on:
Relocation and Abduction
  • a sharing of knowledge and best practice
  • ensuring the primacy of the best interests of the child
The event will take place at the BIICL (British Institute of International and Comparative Law) in London on 22 and 23 June 2017 from 47 pm followed by networking receptions on both days.

Children find themselves subject to relocation in a range of situations family breakdown, international abduction, conflict of jurisdiction and the protection of children, transfers of asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, children of prisoners... regulated by (often overlapping or conflicting) legal regimes. The seminars will be looking at how those legal regimes can come together to ensure the primacy of the best interests of the child and will examine:
  • The applicable national and international standards;
  • The international mechanisms (ECtHR, ECSR, UNCRC, CJEU) to secure children’s rights;
  • The inter-relationship between:
    • the Brussels Regulation (including the proposed BIITer);
    • the 1980 and 1996 Hague Conventions; and
    • national and international law regulating asylum trafficking and migration in Europe

Experts will compare: public and private family and child law principles with situations not falling within the scope of family law (such as prisoners’ children, deportations that split families; the Dublin Regulation, transfers of unaccompanied children); and finally (no getting away from it!) the impact of Brexit on the many forms of relocation or abduction of children in the UK and beyond.

The event will build on the Aire Centre’s previous experience of bringing together experts from different fields and jurisdictions to share knowledge and best practice of the diverse areas of applicable law in order to ensure that the best interests of the child are always at the forefront in decision-making. Practical templates will be devised and designed to assist practitioners in bringing the different regimes together for the benefit of children.

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