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Register Our Marriage – Working together to Change the Law

Date:2 MAR 2017
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Since my last article on this subject in July 2014 a lot of progress has been made by the Register Our Marriage campaign. This campaign consists of an ever expanding group of lawyers academics parliamentarians and other stakeholders who are lobbying for a change to the Marriage Act 1949 so that marriages of all faiths are automatically registered as legally married unless the couple consensually opt out.

There are many facets to this campaign which touch upon many aspects of the life of a Briton. Not only is this campaign aimed at Muslim couples who do not register their Islamic Nikah ceremony but it is aimed at unifying the system as a whole so no matter what faith you are if you marry according to the precepts of your faith (which everyone has the right to do) your marriage is automatically registered as a civil marriage unless both parties to the marriage opt out. This gives the couple the protection of the law of the land especially if the marriage breaks down.

So you could say that this campaign is about educating a wide demographic of people ...

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