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Recognising neurodiversity and how this affects family law practice

Date:14 FEB 2023
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Graeme Fraser Head of Family Department BBS Law (incorporating OGR Stock Denton)


As we have emerged from the lockdowns and the threat of Covid-19 that significantly impacted on mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic there has been a sharpening focus on recognising neurodiversity and how this affects family law practice. In this article I examine what neurodiversity means and why it is important in the workplace; the common neurodivergent conditions; and consequently how those who work or are involved in family law should support people or be supported. There is a responsibility where family law is being practised to ensure that staff and clients are supported including physical premises and the ‘remote’ environment. The benefits of supporting neurodivergent individuals can include fostering a friendly and collegiate team atmosphere. Working more collaboratively can lead to greater levels of innovation through empowerment of highly imaginative thought. I explore the active measures that can and could be taken by law firms; and the development of skills by anyone involved in the family justice...

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