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Queen’s Speech 2015 – Thoughts from a family lawyer

Date:29 MAY 2015
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The Government’s legislative plans for the year ahead have been unveiled in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament on 27 May 2015 but despite the importance of such an event many of the headlines in the newspapers were taken up with the arrest of Fifa officials.

The Queen’s Speech marked the first purely conservative legislative programme for almost 20 years in which Mr Cameron adopted a one nation approach: 'helping working people get on; supporting aspiration'. What possible consequences might this have on a family lawyer’s field of work?

Human Rights Act

Is it indicative of the fragility of the Commons majority that the plan to replace Labour’s Human Rights Act with a new British Bill of Rights has been delayed and did not form part of the Queen’s Speech? The Speech stopped short of a legislative plan to scrap the HRA but it did...

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