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Putting the children first: the benefits of literature for children affected by divorce

Date:2 FEB 2016
As January turns to February initial decisions about separation taken at the beginning of the year are starting to sink in and their effects are being felt throughout the family.

The impact of family separation and breakdown on the children involved is profound. Both parents have a responsibility to try to alleviate this and support children through the changes that they will inevitably experience.

Resolution's publication Separation and Divorce: Helping Parents to Help Children written by Christina McGhee is a useful starting point for parents trying to help their children to come to terms with what has happened and what this will mean for the future. It contains a useful section dedicated to setting out how children of different age groups from infants to teenagers experience divorce and separation and how this might be expressed as well as tips for how to talk to children about divorce and how parents can manage their relationship after separation. It also features a useful digest of a large range of resources available to children parents and families.

As well as divorcing parents equipping themselves with...

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