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PSL Essential Update - Fleshy February 2016

Date:29 FEB 2016
Given that the start of the year usually goes off at full speed February can be the month where things plateau. You might grab a moment to ease off the accelerator to enjoy the delights of Pancake Day and see the New Year's resolve fade softly away as you stop going to the gym (guilty as charged...). However on the Family Law frontier the developments keep coming. This month we've seen updates to orders new regulations and consultation papers - it's got some meat on its bones so this month is Fleshy February.

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In January the President announced there would be updates to the private law orders as those produced in conjunction with the Child Arrangements Programme were not thought to be making life easier (as was the intention) for Litigants in Person. With the help of AdviceNow the new drafts were made simpler and more concise and these were circulated in a Judicial Template for judges and justices' legal advisers and also in tick box form for everyone else to use.

The orders come in three...

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