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President of the Family Division gives guidance on sperm donation parentage cases

Date:18 JUL 2017
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Natalie Gamble
Natalie Gamble Associate
How far are judges influenced or affected by their backgrounds, beliefs and own life experiences? And, if consistency is an aspect of public justice, can that be achieved? And what about the conflict between public justice and personal privacy?

In The Modern Judge: Power, Responsibility and Society's Expectations, Sir Mark Hedley's aim is to be frank rather than scholarly about judging.

Sir James Munby, the President of the High Court Family Division, has given important new guidance on how the family court should deal with cases concerning legal parenthood after sperm donation. It follows 34 High Court declarations of parentage made over the past two years where the legal status of parents through sperm donation has been jeopardised by paperwork errors at fertility clinics. Natalie Gamble Associates are proud to have represented the five couples involved in this latest case (with counsel Elizabeth Isaacs QC and Adem Muzaffer) and to have invited the President to give guidance on how future cases could be resolved as efficiently and compassionately as possible.

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