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"Prenup, postnup, catnup, dognup, petnup" - why?

Date:24 SEP 2018
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Family law expert, Lawyer
Autumn is in the air - a time for reflection. January - time for divorce? No. Be positive. It is a time for celebration, as many couples get engaged at Christmastime.

January is a time for new beginnings. Spring and summer are a popular time for weddings. Prenup anyone?


Behind the scenes there are many considerations for couples and their families. With the preparation of the happy joining of lives of two people with marriage, also comes financial considerations going forward.

Hopefully, a couple will have a long and happy marriage. Many do, and where a marriage turns sour there is help available to try to get the marriage back on course. No need to suffer in silence.

Careful financial planning, transparency and communication is key to help couples (and their families) have peace of mind. To be able to celebrate today without needing to fret about tomorrow.

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