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Predatory Marriages and Death

Date:15 APR 2020

It is well established that the UK is experiencing a rapidly growing and aging population with an estimated 12 million people over the age of 65. These people are more likely to suffer from multiple long term health conditions whereby care and assistance might be required. Accordingly relationships of dependency upon others such as family friends neighbours and carers may develop out of necessity for the vulnerable party. Ordinarily such relationships are entirely innocent and well-intentioned. However experts are now seeing an alarming rise in so-called ‘predatory’ marriages.  

A predatory marriage is where a vulnerable person is exploited by someone who induces them to marry for financial benefit.  The classic example is when an older person with dementia or other cognitive impairment is taken advantage of by someone much younger than them. There may also be other disorders such as brain injuries or learning difficulties that may affect a person’s capacity to enter into marriage leaving them vulnerable to a similar type of manipulation.

These types of relationships are often kept secret from the vulnerable person’s loved ones who may not...

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