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Practical tips for spending Christmas Day without the children

Date:16 DEC 2021
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Christmas is an emotional time regardless of anyone’s family situation.

Whilst some separated parents remain able to put their differences aside and spend Christmas Day as a family it is more usual for the children to spend Christmas Day on alternate years with each parent.

Being without the children on Christmas Day can be a difficult and strange experience for the other parent and the children particularly the first year.

Below are some practical tips for doing so.

Set expectations early

Whether the decision about where the children will be staying for Christmas is agreed between parents or requires determination by a court it is important to ensure the children’s wishes and feelings take priority.

  • Careful and advanced planning is helpful for everyone
  • Decide the arrangements for Christmas early and start making plans
  • If child arrangements including Christmas time cannot be agreed consider attending specialist mediation or family therapy. Whilst a court can also resolve the arrangements for the children this should be the last resort. Court applications can take time to be determined and often involve the children citing their views. Imposed arrangements are rarely...

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