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Pilot Scheme for Accelerated First Appointment Procedure in Financial Remedy Proceedings

Date:27 MAY 2014
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Senior Editor
The Financial Remedies Unit at the Central Family Court is running a pilot scheme for an accelerated First Appointment procedure in financial remedy proceedings.

The FRU hears thousands of cases each year and, in a number of these, time and costs could be saved by the parties agreeing directions that avoid having to physically attend the First Appointment. The court must, of course, be satisfied that the steps agreed are appropriate and in line with the court's overriding objective.
Family Law first reported on this pilot scheme in an article in its March 2014 issue by His Honour Judge Martin O'Dwyer and District Judge Edward Hess. The scheme has since been slightly amended and is now fully operational, with the approval of Mostyn and Moor JJ. It is hoped that the scheme will be adopted nationally.

Details of the pilot scheme have been taken from the June 2014 issue of Family Law and made available ahead of print. The full procedure is available to download below.
Accelerated First Appointment Procedure Pilot Scheme