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Penny Booth: Children - who is protecting what from whom now?

Date:24 MAR 2010

Penny Booth

Leading doctors are calling for a ban on smoking in cars in an attempt to provide protection for children from passive smoking. This makes the The Times front page news today plus a stern letter on the letters page inside.

The expansion of protective law like this is overdue (can't think why it wasn't brought in before) but it really does beg some questions and provide yet another law that it is going to be hard to enforce.

Oh yes the obvious lighting-up as you get into the car to take those obese children home from school could be 'tutted' at and could be enforced but will it mean cleaning out the car every time a fag is lit up enroute by the combustion engine method before you can give a lift to yours or someone else's child? Goodbye to outings as they used to be. It won't be the only combustion around in all likelihood. No doubt (and I don't doubt that it is) a good idea but one that will be hard to operate...

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