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Penny Booth: Guess the headlines

Date:22 JUN 2010

Guess the headlines

Penny BoothHeadlines try to say it all with the likes of 'Millions may lose out in reform of child benefit' 'Triplets for IVF Mum 66' 'Breakfast clubs? No get parents to feed children' and not the least of them 'Two Mums two sisters... no Father'.

It really is 'guess the headline' time - as a prime-time game show it would be exciting. The second round in the telly game might be something along the lines of ‘guess the name of the newspaper' for bonus points. The really hard round would be to give a true summary of the state-of-affairs supposedly headlined.

The selection of headlines noted above came from a variety of print media over the last week and I won't be naming them for fear of legal action - no just kidding.  

What is the point of this? Yes of course ...

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