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Overdue divorce law changes: no more delays, please

Date:18 APR 2019
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Chief Executive, NFM

The recent announcement of the Government’s intention to change the legal position surrounding divorce had the sniff of ‘rehashed news’ around it, especially to those of us involved in the divorce industry.

As long-time campaigners for the introduction of no-fault divorce, the changes are music to National Family Mediation ears. But the fact they are coming has been well-known for some considerable time.

There was definitely the sense that ministers were keen to talk about anything other than Brexit, and who’d be surprised! News editors lapped it up, hungry to report on a domestic agenda item – something that relates directly to the lives of people reading and viewing their content. So headlines were written, interviews given, phone-ins created.

At NFM we are under no illusion that the plans can only be a good thing. There is, of course, opposition to measures that will make obtaining a divorce in an unhappy marriage simpler and less stressful to achieve.

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