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Office of the Public Guardian annual report and accounts: 2016 to 2017

Date:20 JUL 2017
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The Office of the Public Guardian has published its annual report and accounts for 2016 to 2017

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The report includes a performance review, an accountability report and financial statements.

Key successes for 2016-2017 include:
  • delivery of the new digital reporting service for lay deputies who can now submit their property and finance annual reports online. All new lay deputies will use the service as the default way to report, with support if needed;
  • developing a pilot of the digital reporting service for public authority deputies, which will improve communications and benefit the person lacking mental capacity;
  • starting the replacement of the supervision and investigations case management system, which will allow OPG to fully transition to its new IT system, improving productivity and efficiency and the degree of protection it can provide;
  • moving HR and finance systems to a government-wide, single platform, generating important efficiencies, savings and quality improvements;
  • undertaking a considerable piece of work to understand more about existing and potential lasting power of attorney (LPA) customers so that OPG can predict future workloads and judge where intervening in under-represented parts of society would be most useful so that it continues to offer the highest level of service.
The report also includes an infographic, summarising the OPG's achievements during 2016-2017:

Financial Remedies Handbook
Financial Remedies Handbook
Formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook...
This work provides commentary, checklists,...

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