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OBITUARY: Bridget Lindley OBE

Date:26 APR 2016
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Bridget Lindley Family Rights Group’s Principal Legal Adviser and Deputy Chief Executive died unexpectedly on 2 March 2016 at home in Cambridge. Her loss is a devastating blow to us all.

After qualifying as a solicitor in 1986 and doing legal aid work at Darlington and Parkinson in London Bridget joined Family Rights Group in 1988. She had a steely determination to improve the family justice system and a photographic memory of child welfare law and guidance. She was committed to the principle of everyone having the right to fair process and fair treatment and to the principle of starting with the welfare of the child including the importance of family to their sense of identity and belonging. For Bridget a woman whose three children meant the world to her the central importance of the child was always at the heart of her work.

She advised thousands of families and influenced policy legislation and practice to enable more vulnerable children to live safely within their family. She was co-convenor of the Adoption Law Reform Group which influenced the Adoption and Children Act 2002...

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