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Numbers of children awaiting adoption placements fall by 40%

Date:28 AUG 2015

Adoption Leadership Board releases latest statistics on children awaiting adoption

Figures covering January to March 2015 released by the Adoption Leadership Board (ALB) show that the number of children with placement orders waiting to be placed with adoptive families has decreased by 40% year on year from 31 March 2014.

At the end of March last year 4,680 children had placement orders and were waiting to be placed with adoptive families. The same time in 2015 shows a significant decrease in this number, with 2,810 children in the position.

There has also been a marked improvement in child timeliness: in 2013-14 the average number of days between entering care and placement with an adoptive family was 594 days, whereas in 2014-15 this figure has dropped to 533 days.

Adopter timeliness, however, has declined. In Quarter 2 of 2013-14, 50% of approvals made by local authorities were made within 6 months of registration, while in Quarter 4 of 2014-15 this had decreased to 28% of registrations.

The full set of the ALB’s data reports can be found here.