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NR v AB [2016] EWHC 277 (Fam): A licence made sense

Date:14 MAR 2017
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If a matrimonial home is owned by a limited company shares in which are held - and financing for which was provided - by a spouse together with his wider family can the ownership of such a matrimonial home (and of other property similarly held) be construed as a nuptial settlement capable of variation under s 24(1)(c) Matrimonial Causes Act 1973?

If so is that still the case even if the matrimonial home was occupied pursuant to an informal licence?

Does the court have the powers to vary the settlement so as to alter the beneficial interest in the property so long as the third parties have been joined to the proceedings?

Will a court order a formal lifelong licence to occupy a matrimonial home as a way of resolving a dispute where the home is already held pursuant to the other spouse's family arrangement?

In NR v AB BCO Ltd MB and LB [2016] EWHC 277 (Fam) Roberts J considered NR's (W's) application for a financial order with respect to the dissolution of her marriage to AB (H).


H was aged 45 and W aged...

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