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Now we know the makeup of British families, can we afford to wait any longer to ‘meet their needs’?

Date:21 SEP 2022
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Chief Executive, NFM

Earlier this month the government published the lengthy, very comprehensive, and long-awaited Independent Family Review report which contains ‘ground-breaking research’ that Dame Rachel de Souza, the England’s Children’s Commissioner, assures us will provide us with a deep understanding what modern families look like.

While I assumed that the data would simply serve to confirm what many of us have known for years – namely, that the number of ‘families’ in the country cannot be quickly calculated using the latest ONS statistics on divorce and marriage – I won’t deny I was curious about what further insight it would provide.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not so much by the data itself, which shows that as of 2021, there are 8.2 million families with children in England, 63% of which are married couples with children, 14% of which are cohabiting and 23% of which are headed by a lone parent, but more so by the emphasis that the report places on the importance of family relationships. 

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