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New resource pack to help stop female genital mutilation

Date:22 JUL 2014
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The Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP have issued a resource pack to aid in the battle to stop female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK.

The practice of FGM is illegal in the UK and carries a maximum prison term of 14 years for any UK national or permanent resident convicted of carrying it out, or aiding and abetting the process, while in the country or overseas.

The resource pack features case studies where FGM has been experienced by girls and women in the UK, information on what local authorities can do to raise awareness of FGM in their local area, and links to support organisations, clinics and helplines that can help people who think they might be at risk.

Click here to view the resource pack. [Updated 24 November 2015]

The Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP have also issued an updated version of "Female genital mutilation: multi-agency practice guidelines". These updated guidelines support and assist frontline professionals, such as teachers, health professionals, police officers and social workers, in safeguarding children and protecting adults from the abuses associated with FGM.

The guidance provides information on:
  • identifying when a girl (including an unborn girl) or young woman may be at risk of FGM and responding appropriately to protect them;
  • identifying when a girl or young woman has had FGM and responding appropriately to support them; and
  • measures that can be implemented to prevent and ultimately eradicate the practice of FGM.
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