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Mr Justice Singer apologises for inappropriate remarks

Date:12 APR 2010

16/11/2007. An apology was issued on Thursday in a press statement on behalf of the High Court Family Division judge, Mr Justice Singer, for remarks made by him in the divorce case of El Faraghy v El Faraghy & others. Mr Justice Singer was ordered to step down from the case by the Court of Appeal after they decided that there was a possibility of potential bias. Lord Justice Ward stated in the judgment that the remarks were a singularly unsatisfactory, unfortunate and embarrassing matter". In his press statement, Mr Justice Singer said: "I wish publicly to apologise to Sheikh Khalid Ben Abdullah Rashid Al Fawaz for these remarks, which were not intended to be racially disparaging. My comments were poorly chosen. They were not intended to be racist, nor have I ever intended any disrespect or disregard for the tenets of Islam, or for the Sheikhs Saudi nationality and Arab ethnicity. My judicial work and public speeches clearly demonstrate that I am in no sense racist." Mr Justice Singer, amongst other remarks, sarcastically told the Sheikh that he could choose to "depart on his flying carpet".