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MPs urge government to tackle sexual harassment of women and girls in public places

Date:23 OCT 2018

The UK government is failing to address "routine and sometimes relentless" sexual harassment in public places, members of parliament warn in a new report.

The women and equalities select committee found evidence that harassment is "deeply ingrained" in British daily life and impacts the lives of women and girls all across the country.

The report stated that the government's "foot appears to be almost entirely off the pedal" when it came to tackling the issue.
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Maria Miller, who chairs the committee, said that "xexual harassment in public places is a regular experience for many women and girls in the street, in bars and clubs, on buses and trains, at university and online.

"It is the most common form of violence against women and girls and the damage is far-reaching. And yet most of it goes unreported.

"The #MeToo movement shows that we must confront some deeply uncomfortable truths about our society and the attitudes some men hold," according to Miller.

A summary of the report can be read here and the report's conclusions and recommendations can be found here.