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Moving children between homes of separated parents

Date:6 APR 2020

The Government’s quarantine diktat of 23 March 2020 specifically allows children under 18 to be moved between parents’ homes. 

This is welcome clarification. 

We learn from the experience of the Italian family lawyers who two weeks ago highlighted just this problem about quarantine. As their Government guidance was silent on the issue, parents had to go to court about contact arrangements to get clarification from judges.

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Of course there will be practical problems with the UK version that will need to be worked out and accommodated. 

Moving children across borders for contact will not be straightforward. In many cases it will be impossible. 

And what about children who may see grandparents, or other family members, sometimes as a result of a court order?

In our multi-faceted society, there will be multiple situations which present themselves and which will require careful thought, always bearing in mind the welfare of the child. 

Although the Government diktat lasts for only three weeks from 23 March, it is bound to be amended and extended. So there will be plenty of time for welfare considerations to inform these restrictions for the benefit of children