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MoJ sets out plans to help victims of crime

Date:15 SEP 2014
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The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has set out its plans to help victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system and access the information and support they need, plus to protect vulnerable victims and witnesses in court and to guarantee their rights in law.

The key goals are to:
  1. establish a new nationwide Victims’ Information Service by March 2015 and develop this into a comprehensive service that allows victims to access the information and support they need;
  2. strengthen the protection for vulnerable victims by making the experience of going to court a better one;
  3. increase transparency and accountability, to ensure criminal justice agencies are held to account for the services they provide to victims;
  4. introduce a Victims’ Law to guarantee key entitlements for victims; and
  5. develop plans for paying compensation to victims up front, rather than victims having to wait for their money.

Click here to read the MoJ's document: 'Our Commitment to Victims'.
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