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Minister for Inequality

Date:7 SEP 2015
Am I the only family lawyer who has a problem with Caroline Dinenage's ministerial portfolio that covers Women Equalities and Family Justice?

Her women and equalities responsibilities include women and the economy; women on boards; and reducing the pay gap: challenging cultural stereotypes and stopping violence against women and girls.

And she's also the Minister for Family Justice? So how does that work with her role for example of stopping violence against women and girls but not against men and boys?

She's also the minister responsible for family mediation. Are there any two roles where impartiality is more important than judge or mediator (not that they're interchangeable of course)? Family mediation is lazily regarded by some as a viable replacement for access to the family court. While there's still a Matrimonial Causes Act and a Children Act it's not an option for our legislators (including junior ministers) to behave as if there's something wrong with asking for access to a demonstrably and and impartial court system. If the father or mother of your children is threatening to move with them to Australia on a permanent basis and...

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