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Mediation Matters: Relationship breakdown, Brexit and sensible pragmatism

Date:20 JUL 2018
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Chief Executive, NFM

The Chief Executive of National Family Mediation returns with a regular column

Across the UK the deep divisions caused by the Brexit referendum outcome and negotiation stalemates not only persist but seem to accelerate. You don’t need me to remind you we’ve had resignations of senior UK Cabinet figures coupled with deep splits in both main political parties. We’ve had some unexpected alliances too.

On Brexit at least there are those MPs who seem to show they’ve got more in common with their so-called political foes than with some on their own party benches. One senior Tory has even called for a Government of ‘national unity’ made up of ‘sensible pragmatic’ MPs from all parties.

That idea might not cut the mustard among warring MPs in the febrile Westminster atmosphere. But the fallout from Britain’s divorce – and the ongoing lengthy negotiations that dominate the news media - are really focused on one thing: the UK-EU’s future relationship after our separation is concluded. Some want closer ties some want a clean break. Some don’t want the divorce any more; never having asked for it in...

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