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Marriage and divorce in the metaverse

Date:27 OCT 2022
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Grace Robertson Barrister New Court Chambers

The metaverse provides new challenges and opportunities for family law practitioners working in the field of marriage and separation.

Adapting to new metaverse technologies is going to require a leap of imagination and open-mindedness and this in itself will likely prove to be a new challenge. Take for example marriage in the metaverse. This offers those who are not able to be physically with their partner or who are not allowed to legally marry their partner in their home country an opportunity to do so. However it will require current ideas of marriage to shift in order to accept online marriages as valid. Troubling too will be the concept of metaverse children a life-like avatar baby which could in the future be the subject of custody disputes.

Perhaps these pose two trickier challenges but the family practitioner working in financial remedy will likely already have come up against the challenge of cryptocurrencies. Primarily difficulties arise with crypto assets being easy to secrete.  The family practitioner will therefore need to be armed with a checklist of ways to...

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