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Kara Swift
Kara Swift
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Major review of judges' pay announced

Date:20 JUN 2017
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The Office of Manpower Economics has announced the terms of reference for a major review of the Judicial salary structure by the Senior Salaries Review Body. 

How far are judges influenced or affected by their backgrounds, beliefs and own life experiences? And, if consistency is an aspect of public justice, can that be achieved? And what about the conflict between public justice and personal privacy?

In The Modern Judge: Power, Responsibility and Society's Expectations, Sir Mark Hedley's aim is to be frank rather than scholarly about judging.

The terms of reference require the major review to take a fundamental look at three
strategic areas:
  • The judicial salary structure (the allocation of posts to pay groups within it, including whether there is scope for simplification).
  • The way in which judicial leadership should be rewarded and incentivised.
  • Judicial recruitment, retention and motivation with a view to making recommendations about judicial pay.

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The review has so far focused on considering a standardised set of job descriptions and how these might be assigned to salary scale groups, plus preparing a survey of judges appointed to a salaried or fee-paid post since April 2012, which will be distributed in early autumn.

The Senior Salaries Review Body wants all members of the judiciary to be able to contribute to the Review and, therefore, has planned a structured consultation exercise in the autumn of this year.

To read the letter that was published on the Gov.UK website and the full terms of reference for the Major Review, click here.