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Love me or leave me: the possible impact of Brexit on families in the UK and beyond

Date:3 SEP 2019
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There has been much debate about whether or not Brexit will mean the retention of a single market and its impact upon EU citizens living within the UK and UK citizens living within the EU. But what about the potentially destructive impact which Brexit may have upon personal relationships?

Part 2 of the draft Withdrawal Agreement (19 March 2018) on citizens’ rights has been 'agreed at negotiators’ level'.

Its provisions are intended to protect the rights of UK and EU citizens and 'enable the effective exercise of rights derived from union law and based upon past life choices where those citizens have exercised free movement rights by the specified date'.

The 'specified date' is 31 December 2020 one that couples who merely 'live together' should bear in mind.

Does this part of the draft Withdrawal Agreement generally protect couples who are in stable committed relationships but which do not involve marriage or civil partnership?

Yes – and no.

UK and EU citizens living in the UK or in an EU member state on 31 December 2020 will have the right to apply for settled status after five years of continuous residence if...

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