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Kara Swift
Kara Swift
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Love and Debts - More Work for the Family Lawyer

Date:20 FEB 2006

Cathy Kennedy, Lecturer and Penny Booth, Reader in Law, Staffordshire University Law School. Many people have borrowed (whether as a result of irresponsible lending or foolish borrowing) up to their maximum possible limits. Family lawyers know that money is important but in reality it is vital. Debt alone is a major factor in the breakdown of personal relationships: more often than not the stress of financial problems reaches a climax when the debt recovery letters arrive threatening action. Despite there being help available and despite the action that could be taken (and is not or is left too late), the financial issues may create or exacerbate relationship breakdown where the relationship is already under stress for some other reason. Money may not be the only cause, or the sole cause, but it is there. Where an action for debt recovery is issued in the county court, what then? The author looks at cohabitation and trust law. See March [2006] Fam Law 221 for the full article.

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