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London reaches across Europe to embrace Istanbul and work together to combat domestic violence

Date:12 MAY 2017
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Fatimah Farag David Hodson and Madeleine Gordon of iFLG explain the progress with the Istanbul Convention on the Prevention of Domestic Violence following the Royal Assent on 27th April to the Private Members Bill which brings forward the Convention’s ratification by the UK


On 8 June 2012 the UK government made a commitment to help end violence against women by signing and promising to ratify The Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (CETS No.210) (the 'Istanbul Convention').

To the dismay of many it did not initially appear that the government intended to follow through on this promise. Questions were raised (seemingly from government) as to whether the requisite extra-territorial effect of the Istanbul Convention could feasibly be incorporated into English law. Challenges were (understandably) mounted by politicians who said that the Istanbul Convention discriminated against male victims of violence. The Istanbul Convention’s ratification seemed to be slipping down the priority list of our lawmakers.

Then there was in the last day of this Parliament some welcome...

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