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Lockdown 2: how does it affect child contact?

Date:26 NOV 2020

No sooner had clarity been obtained as to how child contact would work within and across the tier system than the government announced its suspension in England.  From 5 November 2020 a 4-week lockdown will begin.  Thankfully though the position on child contact is very much clearer this time around.

What the lockdown means for families

Just like the first lockdown in spring 2020 non-essential shops restaurants bars and other entertainment and leisure venues across England will close to try to limit exposure to Covid-19 and protect the availability of NHS services.  Those from different households are not allowed to socialise indoors or out except for the purposes of exercise which is limited to two adults only.  Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own national arrangements.

What is fundamentally different this time is that schools and universities will remain open for the time being at least. 

So how does this affect child contact?

In a press conference on 31 October 2020 the Prime Minister made very clear that child contact could continue as normal and made it clear that children can move from one...

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